This weekend was completely jam-packed, and it could not have been more perfect.

best jewelry stand at the farmers' market
half price wine night at five loaves.
pretty peppers

I had a spontaneous Friday night with the best people, beginning at Five Loaves for half-price wine (and mussels, per the usual) and ending at Kaminsky's with a chocolate malt and the largest piece of carrot cake I've ever laid eyes on (photos here). In between there was a soirée at Billy Reid, birthday champagne, and listening to a friend's beautiful album (if you like Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, or Bon Iver, you will love it).

Saturday was spent with my lovely friend Melissa wandering around the farmers' market, in and out of stores on King Street, and seeing Get Low (didn't think I could possibly love Bill Murray more...) right in time for an afternoon thunderstorm. Although I've been reveling in alone time lately, the company of my friends this weekend was so fun and much-needed.

P.S. Is anyone out there an expert canner? While expressing my anxiety about the approaching end of heirloom tomato season, my heirloom tomato man gave me a two-minute lesson on canning, but it went right over my head. Should I buy the tools and learn? Is it worth it?