A beautiful weekend to epic proportions, the kind of weekend that I'm already homesick for.

farmers' market loot
a little birdy also up before the sun
iced green tea
early morning safari
roasted rosemary aspargaus and grape tomatoes

On Friday evening, I turned in the last paper I will ever write for school. Apart from walking across the stage in a white dress next weekend, I am done forever. It feels surreal and amazing.

The rest of the weekend was special, different -- full of adventures that elicited two hours of sleep at night and two hour naps during the day, only to wake up and continue the adventure. I talked until my voice was hoarse and giggled until my stomach hurt.

There's nothing better than connecting with people on such an innate level that you feel revived and empowered, that all feels right in the world. Things just fell into place this weekend in the most perfect of ways, where I would doubt that it could get any better, and then it would.