This weekend I had one of my signature hilarious, Dumb Olivia moments, except it wasn't quite hilarious and it resulted in the loss of my beloved camera. Tragic circumstances yes, but there's no use in dwelling on it so I won't. 

Lately (before and after The Tragedy) I've been thinking a lot -- about what is important to me in life, about what happiness looks like when I close my eyes. I always see the same scenes in my head; sunsets, dance parties, dinner parties, quiet moments, bike rides, laughter-induced tears, running with abandon, hugs that feel important, night drives, loud music, farmers' market flowers... and so on.

Along those lines, I'm beyond grateful for this blog -- readers, comments, emails, friends I've made, infinite inspiration I find daily, etc. I never would have dreamed while writing this post the extent to which this blog would affect my life, or what a positive outlet it would be, or just how happy it would make me. 

Photo by the lovely Susan Pittard.