rainy morning on the porch
mom hanging lights

After a 12-hour road trip, we made it back to Tennessee. As always with the place you grow up, Franklin evokes all kinds of emotions and memories, though it mostly just makes me feel peaceful. Maybe I've just been wearing my rose-colored glasses again, but I can't help but notice how dreamy it is to be surrounded by open fields, rolling hills, and green.

dad throwing onions
coffee on the porch in the rain
outside dinner
pup cuddling

We had four-hour-long dinners with friends, did cannonballs into the pool, ate colorful vegetables, wore plates as hats, and played barbershop on the porch. We went for long drives with the top down just because and listened to thunderstorms roll in at night. I saw Beginners and loved it so much that I had butterflies and left the theater feeling like life is beautiful and nothing else matters. I think that's a sign of a good movie. 

Maybe it's because I'm leaving in a few days, but right now I feel so blissfully content with where I am. I'm moving forward without rushing.  It feels strangely simple and really great.