garlic cheesy pasta, so garlicy my mouth was on fire and i swear people were consciously sitting far away from us at the movie

This weekend began with a much-needed-all-day nap followed by a perfect night; comfort-food pasta dinner (on the patio), Never Let Me Go (beautiful, poignant, thought-provoking, amazing), and a girly lemon rose drink from Chai's. The ideal weather and sweet friends didn't hurt either.

perfect sunday night dinner at 17 north
red velvet cake from mustardseed

After a full day of work at Cupcake (and of course a quick break to visit the farmers' market), my mom and sister arrived in Charleston for a few days. Obviously, we have done nothing but eat too much cake and laugh hystercically since the minute they got here. I hope they stay forever.

the beach bum in her natural setting