weekend (in bordeaux).

Usually while traveling, you're on to the next place before you leave the first. With Bordeaux, it was different. I was completely in it.


In my head, our time in Bordeaux is strung together in a series of little moments like a dream. The peaceful moment after each thunderstorm when the city was drenched in a bluish-gold light. The moment we realized asking for butter for our already-buttery croissants might be overkill. The awkward moment when I ordered a nutella crepe (in my sweetest attempting-French voice) and the waiter said simply and sternly, "No." The moment when we dodged a downpour and found our favorite wine cave (we went back every day). The following moments when we sat inside the wine cave with the rain coming down and the doors open. The moment we realized that if one of us didn't order the tarte au chocolat for dessert we were both crazy. The moment when our cab driver "played" saxophone by moving his lips and told us all about la belle vie.

All of these little moments illustrate what I love about traveling -- everything feels impossibly new and entirely sincere. These moments also add up to the moment when I started calling Bordeaux my favorite city in the world.

P.S. Zac made a little video about it.