where i live.


I've always enjoyed my apartment, but now that I live here alone I have fallen in love with it all over again. I had a few apprehensions about living alone due to my overactive imagination, but turns out I love it. My mom and Isabel helped me spruce it up and I am forever grateful for their ingenious decorating skills. I wake up every morning with an overwhelming sense of happiness that this cozy little nook is my home.

1. Thrifted armoire that reminds me of Beauty and the Beast every time I look at it (after removing broken doors, staining, and adding girly white curtains).
2. Vintage flower prints I fell in love with (for less than ten dollars) and had framed.
3. Rainbow couch with all different pillows. We found the one pictured at Anthropologie on sale, and it is a gem.
4. Vintage vanity from a boutique in Charleston, stool from Target.
5. View from my bedroom: palmetto trees and blue water.
6. Shadows and orange light from the sunrise.
7. A gorgeous painting from Tyler (story here).
8. Fuzzy rug and spray-painted five-dollar wicker table.
9. Inspiration wall full of Jessica Swift prints and sentimental cards.